Dressing For Success On Camera

3 Things To Consider While Getting Dressed For Your Next Shoot

If you plan to be on camera, here are 3 Important Things
to consider before your shoot.

Rebecca Abraxas has been a live performer for 20 years and recently a on-screen talent for short films (see her in the short film, Sever, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqpji…)

She has the On-Camera Coach (among many other roles) for Video Juice Media, and now for New Focus Films

Rebecca now is primarily occupied with her personal work, helping mothers of young boys with finding their true expression.  Rebecca teaches vocal empowerment through a variety of amazing techniques.

Rebecca Abraxas can be reached at RebeccaAbraxas.com

Find Rebecca & Matt elsewhere on the web:

New Focus Films on Facebook: Facebook.com/New-Focus-Films

New Focus Films on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NewFocusFilms

Matt Abraxas Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattabraxas

Matt Abraxas Fine Art: http://mattabraxas.com

Rebecca Abraxas: http://rebeccaabraxas.com

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