MyForce Panic Button Secured by Equity Crowdfunding

equity crowdfunding myforceSecurity is more than feeling safe, it’s in building a strong foundation. A strong foundation can be well established through equity crowdfunding.

MyForce is an Emergency Button App that’s been around for a few years now.  As a company, it’s proven itself as an important and useful application.  Now, through CrowdFunder, it’s proving itself as a secure choice for investment. is a website platform for matching interested, Accredited investors to companies raising funds via equity crowdfunding.

CrowdFunder works similarly to the more popular crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo but the key difference is that you participate by buying shares in a company instead of a perk in exchange for a donation.  This is called Equity Crowdfunding or Investment Crowdfunding.

myforce investment crowdfundingMyForce has gone through several rounds of raising funds either through Venture Capitalists in the more traditional method of investment and lately through equity crowdfunding on

Participating in the Equity Crowdfunding phase of MyForce may still be available at this time.  Go to to find out.

MyForce is a personal security system that functions on your smartphone.  Through this service, the user can notify a live response team to an emergency situation all through the touch of a button.  The security agents coordinated through MyForce arrange for the help of local authorities quickly and effectively.

Through supporting hundreds of paying subscribers, MyForce is growing through many partnerships.  Universities continue to take advantage of the security app system.  The partnerships are extending from colleges to insurance agencies, wireless carriers, home security dealers, and retailers.

myforce crowdfundingLed by Brad Zotti as the founder and CEO, MyForce is a trending investment opportunity organizations like Greenline Ventures and investment bankers like Ken Langone.

To invest in MyForce, go to and express your interest with at least $5,000.

To learn more about using the app, MyForce, go to

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