Our Commercial for Fishtacular, the GeoWorld Outdoors Fishing App

When GeoWorld Outdoors spoke to us about creating a Kickstarter video for Fishtacular, we jumped at the chance.  Right off, visions of flyfishing here in Colorado while the weather is perfect bounced through our heads.

GeoWorld Outdoors also had a limited budget, so we created a 2-for-1 video.  Shown above is the commercial but we also added an extra section at the end for Kickstarter.  While the Kickstarter campaign did not do so well on the first run, we hope to see their app in development soon.

A lesson learned from this is that no matter how great the idea is or even how nicely done the video is, a crowd-source campaign requires a crowd.  We advise any crowd-fund hopeful to look up Clay Hebert now and get started as soon as possible on building your crowd.

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