New Focus Film’s promotional video for Ocean First

Ocean First located in Boulder, Colorado and headed by Chief Visionary Officer, Graham Casden.
When El Duende Productions (my film production company) approached Graham with using their 12 ft deep dive pool for an underwater scene for our movie Vermin, we became friends and then started work on a promotional video for Ocean First.

This commercial pulls together the 3 sections that make up Ocean First: Swim school, Scuba Dive Training and Ocean-bound Travel Agency.  All I can say is that working on this made me miss the ocean terribly.  Thankfully, we have entered into a year-long contract with Graham’s companies to cover a lot more videos over the next 12 months.  More on these adventures soon.

Graham, Amy and Mark who represent Ocean First were all a complete pleasure to work with, as well as Karen who brings in many students for the swim training.  We are very happy to be continuing work with Graham and the Ocean First organizations.

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