VR for Parents – An Offworld.Gifts Promo

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Our video for the ad campaign launched by Offworld.Gifts to show what will be in the world of VR tech, and how it will help parents who are far away from their kids.

As a dad who travels for work, I know that this technology will be warmly welcomed.  While it can never replace in-person contact, it is far better than just a phone call, especially with young boys who don’t much want to talk anyway, but still want to feel a connection.

Offworld.Gifts is a young company that is focused on helping dads who no longer live with their kids maintain a unique and interesting connection.  They currently help raise money for dads and their kids to purchase matching gaming systems where they can meet on screen and enjoy time together where the kids want to be anyway.

One more thing: if this bothers you because you think dads and their kids shouldn’t enjoy their time together gaming or that dads shouldn’t ever leave their kids, or whatever it may be (we’ve heard several big complaints along these lines), then all I can say is that you don’t know what other people are going through and you don’t know what’s best for other families.  Keep your judgements to yourself.  Nothing pisses me off more than people trying to control others on misconceived moral grounds.  Don’t even get me started.

Moving on.  Here’s the video:

Offworld.Gifts VR Promo from New Focus Films on Vimeo.

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