Xero Shoes Equity Crowdfunding Video

equity crowdfunding video xeroshoesWhen a grass-roots company like Xero Shoes decides to raise equity funding, they don’t limit it to accredited investors, they go first to their community and offer them something special.

This is precisely what’s being done with Xero Shoes and while it’s not common, equity crowdfunding is becoming a more viable option for a lot of companies.

Xero Shoes decided to share this idea in the way that best expresses them and their company culture: with creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and a lot of personality.

This was one of our funnest video projects.

Jump in now to invest as little as $100 to buy equity and a VIP status in Xero Shoes.  Invest.XeroShoes.com

XeroShoes Equity Crowdfunding Video from New Focus Films on Vimeo.

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