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A New Focus on Corporate Video

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  • You want to reach potential customers where they’re at: online!
  • You want to inspire your own company culture.
  • You want people to see what sets your business apart.


Great video is about story-telling, but first we need to know whom we’re telling the story to.  New Focus Films begins every video with audience research.

Our video isn’t about your company so much as it’s about your audience.  This is the New Focus that many businesses have a hard time accepting, but it is the solution to a brand-customer connection that stands out in this very noisy world.

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Corporate Video Marketing


  • the OSCARS
    • Availability for a Full Year
    • Market Research
    • About 24-30 Videos Total
    • 2-4 Production Days per Month
    • Unlimited Revisions per Video
    • Royalty Free Music
    • Video S.E.O.
    • Diverse Advertising
    • Extensive Video Marketing Plan
    • Ongoing Marketing Assistance
    • YouTube SetUp and 1 Year Management
    • Up to 10 Videos Total
    • Market Research
    • up to 6 Production Days
    • 2 Revisions per Video
    • Royalty Free Music
    • Video S.E.O.
    • Diverse Advertising
    • Strategic Marketing Plan
    • 4 Months of Marketing Assistance
    • YouTube SetUp and Management
  • the INDIE
    *$/ per VIDEO with MARKETING
    • Cinematic Promotional Video
    • Market Research
    • 1 Production Day
    • 2 Revisions
    • Royalty Free Music
    • Video S.E.O.
    • Assistance with Marketing

*Price. It’s less than we’d like to charge and more than you’d like to pay, but if you’re shopping for the lowest price, we are not a good fit.  Our service is not a commodity, but a creative, research-driven specialty that is focused on creating an impact for brands. 

Likewise, if you’re ready for a Super Bowl level commercial, we do not have the resources (yet) for a $50K+ production.  Of course, this is far beyond what’s needed for a corporate video.

The OSCARS Corporate Video Strategy

There are a lot of aspects to your business and one video can’t possibly cover it.

What sets the Oscars Corporate Video Strategy apart:

  • Videos at the lowest cost
  • Our availability to you for a full year
  • Videos released each month
  • About 30 videos total (+/- depending on complexity)
  • A 12 month strategy for marketing
  • Unlimited revisions per video during contract year
  • Ongoing marketing assistance

Each of our strategy programs begins with a market and demographic analysis, but with the Oscars strategy, this research deepens throughout the contracted year.

corporate video user interaction statistics new focus films

New Focus Films Logo 1Oscars Value #1:

12 Month Video Marketing Strategy

We begin with laying out a strategy that will be implemented over the next 12 months.  With plenty of video content that can be leveraged, we prioritize what will have the most impact and when.

We do this by:

  • Interview with your marketing team to evaluate what’s working and what’s not.
  • Perform a thorough review of your promotions – past, present and future.
  • Make recommendations on how corporate video will best serve your company.

New Focus Films Logo 1Oscars Value #2

Your Own Video Marketing Department

We work with your team to accommodate changing needs throughout the year.  If something comes up that neither of us planned for, we’re ready to handle it.

We customize your promotional needs based on your marketing calendar.

Throughout the year, we can create a variety of content to help you stand out.  This can include:

  • 360 VR Video where the viewer can control the direction of their view.  This type of video is new, exciting, and can have tremendous impact on showing off your business in many ways.
    $5,500 value per video
  • Culture Video that can be shared on social networks before and during related events.  These are generally short videos that showcase the personality of your company and it’s community.
    $2,700 value per video
  • Niched Promotional Content that promotes one specific thing that differentiates your brand (i.e., Apple Watch’s health benefits or Mercedes Benz’s safety features).  These videos can be used as Pre-Roll Advertisements, newsletter attachments, webpage headings and more.
    $4,200 – 9,700 per video

New Focus Films Logo 1Oscars Value #3

The Lowest Cost for Each Video

Because we strategize so much content upfront, we’re able to resource our production time effectively and charge the least on a per-video basis.

Video costs are a matter of planning, production, editing, and skill.  With the Oscars strategy, we can consolidate much of our work into less time, resulting in the same high quality for the least cost.

New Focus Films Logo 1Oscars Value #4

Unlimited Revisions for Each Video

It’s common to request a revision on a video, but with the Oscars strategy, you have the benefit of tweaking videos repeatedly over the coarse of the contracted year.  This is helpful if/when your company has made a change in wording or appearance, and these changes must be reflected in your corporate video presence.

New Focus Films Logo 1Oscars Value #5

Ongoing Marketing Assistance

We’re committed to each video working for you as a powerful marketing tool.  If you’re not receiving a positive ROI, it doesn’t help sell our service.

In order to see that corporate video marketing is doing what it should, we routinely check analytics and suggest changes if necessary.

Do you have a YouTube page?  We will make suggestions on how to improve it.  We may even do it ourselves or set up an entirely new YouTube page, depending on your situation.


  • General Corporate Video/s
  • Niched Promotional Videos
  • Culture Videos
  • Micro Videos
  • Pre-Roll Video Advertisements
  • Marketing for Each Video
  • 360 VR Videos
  • Lowest Cost for Each Video
  • 12 Month Video Marketing Department
The Oscars Video Strategy is the best value we offer.
To have these videos created one at a time would cost about $134,000, but your investment will be a fraction of this cost, paid on a monthly basis.

The HOLLYWOOD Corporate Video Strategy

You need more than one video, but you don’t need the full impact of what the Oscars offers.

The Hollywood strategy is for when you will benefit from several videos and want the better value than purchasing videos one at a time.  Similar to the Oscars program, we strategize your marketing needs with you and create a plan for achieving the highest priority within the given time.

When selecting the Hollywood strategy, we will establish a specific amount of corporate videos to be produced over a four month period.

The Hollywood strategy will include the following:

  • Marketing Research
  • Multiple Videos at a Savings (up to 10 videos)
  • 4 Months of Our Availability
  • Opportunity for Variety of Videos
  • Marketing Follow-up
    • Corporate Videos
    • Culture Videos
    • 360 VR Videos
  • Up to 6 Production Days
  • Marketing assistance for 4 months
Individually purchased, the videos and service of the Hollywood strategy would cost at least $73,000, but with our resourceful approach of batched production days, we offer this program at a much lower cost.

The INDIE Corporate Video Strategy

You need a great video that will clearly represent the professionalism of your brand.


The Indie Corporate Video begins with strategizing the emotional triggers of your audience.  With a sound foundation, we craft the video to help your business stand out from the competition.

This corporate video may be a documentary-style advertisement complete with staff and customer interviews or it may be a commercial with actors.  The style of the video will depend on your needs, your budget and what will have the greatest, positive ROI.

What sets the Indie video apart from just another great video is the marketing research and follow-up.  We ensure that this video is crafted, optimized and leveraged to be a strong part of your sales force.

Once this corporate video is complete, we will conduct a 1-2 hour marketing consultation, instructing your team of the best techniques for Video S.E.O. and the most important methods of video promotion.

The Indie video strategy will include the following:

  • Market Research
  • A Polished, Professional Corporate Video
  • 2 revisions
  • Marketing Follow-up
The price of our standard corporate video is competitive.  We’re not advertising as the cheapest because this isn’t fast-food, cookie-cutter video.  We create a one-of-a-kind, customized product and offer you our full attention no matter which level of service you select.
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To have a video marketing consultation with New Focus Films, Contact Matt Abraxas