How To Create Better Video with Your Phone Camera for Business Blogs

//How To Create Better Video with Your Phone Camera for Business Blogs

How To Create Better Video with Your Phone Camera for Business Blogs

3 Tips How To Make A YouTube Video with Your Phone Camera

Creating your blog Videos can be easy and good by just following a little Video Production Guidelines.

Here are 3 Simple Tips on How to Make YouTube Videos easily!

So you know videos are a great marketing tool for your business-

How can you do it easily by just using your phone?

3 Tips to Make A YouTube Business VideoI’ll show you a few quick simple little tips.

You’re getting on board with using video as a marketing tool. Good.
Putting out a lot of videos though isn’t always easy, so you need to do it as simply and cost efficiently as possible.
Using a phone is a great way to do this, but the problem with this is getting shaky camera, bad lighting and crappy audio.

lighting for video

Nice Lighting!

Typically you’re gonna be shooting these videos from your office space for your workspace.  Not a perfect production studio with controlled lighting.

The First Thing to Get Right is LIGHTING

So wherever you’re shooting from, its first and foremost important that you have enough lighting. One of the biggest problems people have
is that all the light is behind them.
I have a window light right behind me but I also have desk lights or some other available light no matter what.

You can use light from your house, or pick anywhere in your home or office that has light coming in from the window and then station yourself so that window light is illuminating you from the side, not from behind.  Lighting from the side is the most pleasing appearance, which is why so many paintings throughout history have done exactly this.


It’s very easy to hold your phone up and for the most part this actually works okay.
As long as you’re not shaking the phone too much while holding it.

Many people hold their phone up and their arm starts shaking or they’ve drank too much coffee, and the video now looks like we’re in an earthquake – hardly a comfortable viewing atmosphere.

The other thing with stabilization is when your camera is moving around too much, our attention may distract from you and your message, noticing more whatever is happening behind you.

There is an easy fix to this by just using a Phone Tripod.  You can find many by searching through Amazon.
Expect to pay $20-30 for something decent.

My favorite is a Flexible Arm Tripod by Joby.  It can go just about anywhere and costs about $20.

Finally, AUDIO

Audio problems happen with wind mostly but also when the mic isn’t picking up your voice well enough or it has to compete with anything happening around you, i.e. wind (also cars, air conditioners, barking dogs, crying babies, awful music)

If you can’t do your video in a quiet space, then the first line of defense is to use your EarBuds.

These are the earphones with the mic attachment that probably came with your phone.

The upgrade from this, and a much more professional approach, is to buy a lapel mic made specifically for your phone.

You can research these here: Phone Mics

By the way, I do most of my tech shopping on Amazon, or at least start there, because of the Review System.

Okay, so I hope this helps.

If so, please comment below and if you have any other suggestions, please let us know.

And, as always, share this content as other people you know might find it useful.

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~Matt Abraxas

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