New Focus Films is a video production company working in Denver Colorado and all over the globe.  We approach video content from both a passion for filmmaking and an enthusiasm for marketing.  Our video marketing is built on audience-driven story telling.  This means that good video is not just about telling your story but knowing whom we’re telling that story to.

Telling the Right Story

We start with research into your target demographic.  Who will be digesting this content we create?  And when they do, will the content do its intended job?
We dive deep into this process, discovering the emotional elements that help your audience take action.

The end result is getting more customers, clients, funders or whatever it may be that your video needs to do.

Creating a marketing tool

You may have a great video that looks gorgeous and says everything perfectly, but if nobody sees it, what good is it?  If you don’t have a highly functioning marketing team ready to drive traffic to the video, we can help.  We handle distribution of your video to get it in front of interested people based on their internet behavior and direct searches.  This ensures that when your video is viewed, it will be seen by your demographic audience.

From the creative Director

There’s a buzzword in the video industry: story-teller.  It’s as if a video producer sets him or herself apart by stating that they like to tell stories.
But telling a story isn’t the important part.  It’s in knowing whom you’re telling the story to that really matters.  Knowing your audience first allows the message to be delivered easily or the product or service to be sold naturally. 
In fact, most people don’t care about your story.  They care about how your business will make their life better. 
New Focus Films is based on this tenet.  It’s the new focus of marketing that we don’t need to sell, we need only to relate.

matt abraxas colorado videographer new focus films video marketer~Matt Abraxas
Creative Director

New Focus Films