BlueTooth Speakers, iPad Hacks and a Brain Device – This Week In Crowdfunding

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BlueTooth Speakers, iPad Hacks and a Brain Device – This Week In Crowdfunding

This Week in Crowdfunding: BlueTooth Speakers, an iPad Hack and a Brain Device!

There’s 100’s if no 1000’s of crowdfunding campaigns released every week, but I just want to share a few that caught my attention.  Here’s 5 new things from this Week in Crowdfunding.

It seems that wireless speakers are available everywhere.  Surprisingly, they are still funding well on the crowdfunding platforms.

First off this week is Belle – A Powerful Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Hub

kickstarter videos new focus filmsWhat I especially like about the Belle campaign, launched on Kickstarter, is the opening of their video.  Showing people experience the speaker candidly has plenty of marketing value.
But then the video carries on like an 80’s Budweiser commercial, focusing more on bikini-clad women than the speaker itself.

The video becomes confusing through showing a bunch of other speakers being used around the pool.  There’s a few text graphics to help explain, but not nearly enough.

The speaker looks like a Kettlebell.  My only concern is if it wobbles easily and will be prone to falls.  At just over $200 for the early bird price and $450 for the MSRP, I would rather more focus on how well the thing works.

Belle has already funded at 270% and still has 32 days to go.  So regardless of my critique, they’re doing just fine.
Congratulations to Podo Labs on your latest product.

Next up is the Aurora – Powerful Audio Designed for Stylish Interiors.

kickstarter video new focus filmsMade by Muemma and currently funding at about 10% on Kickstarter, the Aurora has some excellent features.

My criticism though is the cover picture for the campaign video.  It’s bowl shape serves a purpose of being a catch-all for little things, but since the Aurora already looks like an ashtray, why drive that thought further with the smoke elements?

Nevertheless, I want one.  It charges your phone wirelessly and you can connect more than one, also wirelessly.  The controls are touch sensitive and seamless with the design. You can also integrate it with Alexa.

One problem with the video is when the actress speaks and we’re suddenly thrown into a 1970’s kung-fu quality movie.  Her voice sounds dubbed in.  *Note to production team: always remember to use a room tone track with the audio.

But that’s just nit-picking really.  It’s an innovative design and I’m fully confident that they’ll exceed their €90,000 (about $100,000) goal.

This week in crowdfunding has more than audio.  What about visual support?

Introducing Luna Display – The Only Hardware Solution that Turns any iPad into a True, Wireless Second Display.

Kickstarter Video Luna Display New Focus FilmsMade by Astro HQ and launched on Kickstarter, Luna Display solves a problem I’ve had for a long time: using an iPad as a fully functional second display.  First problem, yes, but I’m still happy they’ve found a solution.  And so are 4,318 others, with 51 days still to go.  Luna Display has already raised 1,159%.

For the video: straight to the point with clear, concise narration explaining exactly what it is.

2 minutes of perfect narrative defining the problem of the competitors, the selling points and the credibility of the design team.

Luna Display serves as an ideal example of what crowdfunding is today.  Simple, elegant and solution-oriented.

At $65, I’ll be getting mine without a doubt.

Lastly, there is a brain-training device, because lets face it, we’re all getting dumber.

Coming from Bangkok, Thailand and raising funds on Indiegogo is:

Brain Plus: Smart Device for Your Better Brain

kickstarter video new focus films brain plusI’ve got a few issues with this.  First of all, I love brain-training.  I used to work with biofeedback in the mid 90’s and experimented with depravation tanks, vibration chairs and just about anything else I could find.
My problem with Brain Plus isn’t the technology, it’s how they’re selling it.

The only option is spend $420-$640 on the the EEG Headband with a customized Windows Tablet or $1200 for a double pack.  Why couldn’t they create the headband with installable software?  This would allow for a greater variety of reward options and not exclude shoppers in the $100-200 (most common) range.

As for the video, it’s long.  It’s informative, but it’s too long.  You’re marketing to people who are having trouble with focusing and then your video is over 6 minutes long?  It’s absurd.

If I were the video producer, I would push for a shorter, more marketable video at the top of the campaign page, and then a longer, more informative video further down.  Or, break the long video into several 30-45 second clips.

Brain Plus does look interesting though.  They’ve raised $8010 so far out of the $50,000 goal, and they still have 2 months left to go.

I was only going to write about these 4 campaigns, but I just found one more wireless speaker that’s worth mentioning.

From the Growtek Team out of San Francisco, raising funds on Indiegogo,

MiniS Magnetic Speakers (originally called GEMINI)

indiegogo video new focus filmsI’ve got a magnetic case for my iPhone 7 and it comes in handy so, so much.  Wireless, magnetic speakers?  Hell yes.  I want them.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure they’re going to raise their goal of $10,000.  With 18 days left, they’ve raised exactly $1.  I’m not sure if the Growtek team is just testing this out as a preliminary campaign or if they just don’t know what they’re doing, but I do hope that the MiniS’s make it to production.

The video is fairly low budget but informative and entertaining.  Of course, with a low funding goal, I wouldn’t expect major production quality.  Working with whatever they had, they have something that works perfectly.

The only thing the video needs is to give us some idea of the sound quality.  Sure, I can stick the speakers all over the place, but will I be embarrassed I did?

It’s only $69 for a pair (early bird), so it’s worth a try.

So, whatever the reason this campaign isn’t raising funds, I do hope the GrowTek team builds the traffic channels or else tries a campaign again.

Ok. That’s all for this week in crowdfunding.  Check out the campaigns.  They’re all worth-while products and if you’re on it fast, you can get these at a deal.

Belle –

Aurora –

Luna Display –

Brain+ –

MiniS (still called GEMINI for now) –

If you’re researching your own crowdfunding campaign and would like to learn more, check out our Crowdfunding Resource manual which has an extensive checklist from planning to finish line, and it’s free: Crowdfunding Resource

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