Boulder StartUp Week Kicks Off This Week To Packed Rooms

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Boulder StartUp Week Kicks Off This Week To Packed Rooms

Boulder StartUp Week Kicks Off This Week To Packed Rooms

In it’s 6th year, the Boulder StartUp Week is brimming with enthusiasm, excitement and a lot of hungry, hopeful startups.

Boulder StartUp Week new focus filmsBoulder StartUp has been gaining a lot of momentum since six years ago.  Catching up with San Fransisco, Austin and Los Angeles, Boulder is making a name for itself as a hub for the startup community.

The startup community is, in general, full of energy.  It’s a necessary trait if you expect to get through the hardships ahead.  StartUps are not unlike early explorers, ready to tackle the world with optimism and a little ignorance of just how difficult some of the challenges may be.

raising arizona startup advice new focus filmsFortunately, the resources offered through events like the Boulder StartUp Week (and next month’s Longmont StartUp Week) offer the sentiment of Gale Snoats (Raising Arizona): “but I’d rather light a candle than curse your darkness.”

Building a successful business from concept to world-domination has a lot of late nights, long days and hair-pulling stress, but thanks to the 200 plus events this week in Boulder, there’s sure to be something for everyone in this industry.

My personal favorites are the Boulder Open Coffee which is a bi-monthly event already but will be off the charts in attendance and energy this week. Also on my list this week:

• GrowthHacking: How To Be A Technical Marketer,

• Angel or VC Investors (It Takes Two To Tango: The Working Relationships Between Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors)

• and  The Content Ceiling: How To Get Attention In An Overflowing World Of Content Marketing

There’s plenty, plenty more.  Like noted above, more than 200 events throughout this week.

To jump in on this before it’s too late (it’s already started as of this writing), either just go to Boulder now and start looking around, or go to the website, Boulder.StartUp.CO

While you won’t find New Focus Films in any of the panels this year, you will find me, the founder of N.F.F. in attendance at many of the events.  Next year, however, I’ll be a speaker/panelist/feature presenter, if I’m not at Cannes Film Festival, of course.

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