ClipIts – The Next Step In Shoelaces

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ClipIts – The Next Step In Shoelaces

ClipIts – The Next Step in Shoelaces

You may not think of tying your shoes as a big deal, but what if you never needed to do it again? ClipIts are an innovative design by Cutting Edge Products, a startup out of Hong Kong, and they’re changing the way we tie shoes.

ClipIts from New Focus Films on Vimeo.

With ClipIts, you pull your laces through, tie them one last time, cut off the excess lace and from now on, you only need to clip your shoes.

Never tie your shoes again!

When I first saw the design, I thought of my kids and how they’re sure to love the idea.  They know how to tie their shoes with no problem, but they just don’t.  But with ClipIts, I have no more concerns of laces dragging in puddles or, worst yet, tripping.

I met with Haley Lam, the CEO of Cutting Edge Products, and we discussed how to market ClipIts.  My suggestion was to create a video that can be used both as crowdfunding promotion and a general promotion that can still be used even after the Kickstarter campaign is finished.  After some creative consultation, we came up with the idea of a mother trying to get her family to tie their shoes, which isn’t far from the truth for many families.

ClipIts launched on Kickstarter in December, 2016 and as of this post, they are over halfway funded.  The campaign ends in late January 2017 and it’s likely to far exceed it’s goal.

With the Kickstarter campaign, ClipIts can be bought for below MSRP, so if you’re reading this before the end of January 2017, get over there now.  ClipIts Kickstarter

ClipIts isn’t the first of shoelace-tying replacement devices, but ClipIts is definitely one of the simplest designs and easiest to use.  They also come in 10 different colors with matching shoelaces.

Ideally, you’ll want to get several sets of ClipIts to replace your old laces on all your shoes including running shoes, climbing shoes, dress shoes, any athletic shoe and even dress shoes.

For an added feature, ClipIts can be customized with laser etched words on the front surface.  About 26 characters total fit on the surface and a logo can be printed too.

It’s great for promotional swag or just putting your name on your shoes, which younger kids will definitely like.


We’re excited to see how well ClipIts are received in the U.S.  It’s a simple, innovative design that changes something that hasn’t been addressed since the failed velcro shoes in the 80’s.

I love witnessing industry-disruptive technology and it’s especially fun to participate in it at the ground level.

If you want to check out ClipIts now, go to their Kickstarter page: Kickstarter ClipIts and order yours before prices go up.


~Matt Abraxas

Creative Director • New Focus Films

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