Equity Crowdfunding with XeroShoes

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Equity Crowdfunding with XeroShoes

Equity Crowdfunding with XeroShoes

equity crowdfunding xeroshoesWhen you offer investment in your company, why not do it with personality, especially when that investment is the unique method of equity crowdfunding?

I met with the founders of XeroShoes and found more than a great company offering an exceptional product.  I met a couple people who make the most of life and bring to it fun, out-of-the-box personalities.

XeroShoes aren’t your typical shoe- so their approach to Equity Crowdfunding is no different.

XeroShoes has only been around for a few years, but they’ve been growing quickly. Starting with a do-it-yourself huarache-style sandal kit, they’ve grown into a trusted brand, offering about a dozen varieties of shoes all made with one with thing in mind: rather than overly cushion yourself from the world, embrace it, and your body responds with better posture, improved neurology and all-in-all, a better life.  Yes, it’s that good.

equity crowdfunding xeroshoesThis isn’t a sales pitch.  I’m not an affiliate or anything like that, but while making the video for XeroShoes, I learned a lot about what goes wrong from our feet on up.

More than the science behind it, I got to know the team, and this drew me in entirely.

Why Equity Crowdfunding?

As XeroShoes started to grow, they went on SharkTank but rejected an offer of investment. There was also the consideration of opening equity to only accredited investors which is the usual route.

For XeroShoes however, it’s not just about raising funds but also staying connected to their down-to-earth values. Through Equity Crowdfunding, XeroShoes can offer their customers a stake in the company. In a sense, they grow the XeroShoes family.

The video exhibits perfectly XeroShoes’ unique personality.

This video was written mostly by XeroShoes co-founder, Steven Sashen, with only a few minor tweaks and suggestions by Matt Abraxas of New Focus Films.
Working with someone like Steven, who has a background in the performance and film industry, it makes for an exceptionally fun and fast-paced work environment.

Currently, XeroShoes has raised half a million, with a max raise goal of $3M.  The minimum investment is only $100!  It’s not just an investment either, it’s like a VIP status with the company.  You are now part of the team, receiving discounts on shoes, a vote on new styles and much more.

We love crowdfunding.  Equity crowdfunding is a special aspect to this massively growing industry.

To learn more about successful crowdfunding, contact Matt at abraxas@newfocusfilms.com

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