How To Keep Their Eyes On Your Content

//How To Keep Their Eyes On Your Content

How To Keep Their Eyes On Your Content

How To Keep Their Eyes On Your Content

Eyes on your content

Keeping Their Eyes On Your Content!

It’s a noisy, busy world and we, as content creators, are dealing with an audience with massive “SQUIRREL!!!” complex.  So, how do you keep their eyes on your content?

Most paid ads on the internet put your content in places that most people are virtually blind to.

That sidebar in Google or anything with the yellow “Ad” icon are commonly skipped over.  Facebook boosts paid posts and YouTube has those pre-roll commercials, but beyond forcing people to watch our stuff, what can be done to keep their eyes on your content naturally?

The Trick Is Simply Knowing Your Audience

Do you know your audience?  In the world of video marketing, the buzz word is “Story-Teller.”  Everyone is an expert at telling stories, but does any of it matter unless you know whom you’re telling your story to?

Understanding your audience means knowing what matters to them day-to-day, and it’s most likely nothing to do with you and your message.  Your audience cares about their own lives, so what’s going on in their own lives that you can comment on?

They’ll Keep Their Eyes On Your Content When Your Content Identifies With Them

There is no secret formula for viral internet attention, except this: Your audience pays attention when they identify with the content.

It’s really that simple.  The difficult part is knowing what a lot of people will identify with so well that they’ll share it again and again.

The things that they identify with aren’t likely the service or product you offer.  It might be the reward of the service or product you offer, but it’s not you and your company.  The best bet is to share your unique spin on current events.

Your audience cares about their own lives, so what’s going on in their own lives that you can comment on?









It’s About Authentic Communication Between Your Brand And Your Customers

This means just taking a little extra time each day to add your 2 cents on something happening now.

The focus of course is to get attention – to get their eyes on your content.  While it is a self-centered method of social marketing, the process requires paying close attention to your customers.

The marketing world sometimes feels a little sleazy in how manipulative it is, but in today’s low-attention-span world, what works best is being real, being on topic and truly caring about what your customers think.

kubrick cinemagraph - new focus films

Sleazy Marketing? Not at all.


Having eyes on your content will sometimes look like no attention at all.

If you share a post about a presidential debate or a recent game, and your company is about data-storage, it’ll seem like a waste of your time, but this is where so many brands fail to get the social marketing arena.

Your customers care about more than data-storage, and when you talk to them about life in general, they will trust and like you more for it.

It comes down to basic customer relation that has worked for centuries.  The salesman that easily shoots the shit just like a regular person is the one who’ll be remembered when it’s time to make a sale.

So, the whole trick to keeping eyes on your content is no trick at all, it’s just some old-fashioned giving-a-damn.

And why the Stanley Kubrick Cinemagraphs?  Because Stanley Kubrick is awesome.

Also, because Mr. Kubrick was a director who paid painfully close attention to the subconscious awareness of his audience.  Most us will never realize the depth of detail in each of his movies, but we are all affected by them.

Kubrick Cinemagraph New Focus FilmsSo to reach your audience and get their eyes on your content, be human with calculating, robotic accuracy…

or just be a human.

Share what you enjoy personally and as all marketers know, test.

See what’s working and don’t worry about what doesn’t.


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