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Full Package with Dome, Extenders and Monitor

Brand new!

Originally available for $12,914.
Selling for $9,500

experience unmatched reliability
at a special discount!

I bought this full set-up for a few projects that were all cancelled, and the Gates Komodo Deep went back into the box and shelved ever since.

It has never been used. This is a brand new set-up, which was bought for $12,914 (with tax).

Discounted to move it quickly to someone who knows what they’re buying.

Everything Included:

  • Gates Red Komodo Underwater Housing Deep Komodo with Shinobi $8125.00
  • Gates Deep Komodo Port / Port Ring Weight Kit x2 $84.00
  • Gates SP80-8 8" Acrylic Port $1000.00
  • Gates DK Port Base w/ Foot Risers (to use 80 series ports) $835.00
  • Gates Complete SPR80 (Deep Weapon, Alexa, Mini, F55, C500) StackablePort Ring Kit $1825.00
    (including 0.6", 1.0", 1.26", 2.0")
  • Gates Deep Epic/C500/F55 Focus Gears x2 $194.00
  • Ultralight Aquavision Type Mount Narrow $26.95
    with Standard & Metric Bolts

Everything sold together.

U.S. shipping if free and expedited.

Ships from Colorado. 

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