Leverage YouTube to Reach More of Your Audience

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Leverage YouTube to Reach More of Your Audience

Leverage YouTube to Reach More of Your Audience

Promoting your business is an ongoing challenge and often a costly one, but what about using the world’s 2nd largest search engine to work for you?

Whatever your product or service, there’s a lot to be said about it.  You wouldn’t be in the business that you’re if you didn’t have a few things to say about it.  So, why not say it in simple videos that others will find helpful?

YouTube for BusinessIn this free workshop, Matt Abraxas of New Focus Films will be teaching the easy methods of learning what your audience is already searching for and then creating the videos that will attract more attention to your business.

When and Where:
May 19th, 11:30 am to 1 pm
The Roadhouse Boulder Depot
2366 Junction Pl.
Boulder, CO.

Some of the common questions:

  • What if my business is local?  Why would I create videos for the whole world to see if I need people near me to do business?
    • Not only is video an excellent tool for Local Marketing, it is also an excellent tool for local SEO (Search Engine Marketing)
      • Matt Abraxas will be giving tips on how to implement Local VIDEO Marketing that will attract geographic-specific customers and benefit your search ranking.
  • What if I can’t think of much to talk about?
    • You’d be surprised at just how much you do have to talk about and more so, how much your clientele is already looking for.
      • Matt Abraxas will be showing you how to discover topics that are currently be searched and help you develop a full year’s plan of video topics.
  • What if I don’t like to be on camera?
    • First of all, it’s not necessary to be on camera.  Second of all, you might be hiding an inner moviestar and there’s only one way to find out.
      • Matt Abraxas will share some methods for creating engaging videos that do not require you to be on camera.  He’ll also offer some tips on how to feel comfortable getting on camera, supported by a successful track record of working with many people who have been terrified of being on camera and came out of it looking perfectly confident.


Leverage YouTube to Reach a Wide Audience…for Free!

Thursday, May 19, 2016, 11:30 AM

The Roadhouse Boulder Depot
2366 Junction Pl. Boulder, CO

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You may be hearing the rumblings about how having a presence on YouTube can help you get better exposure online. Wondering if this is something you should be doing for your business? Come to this informative workshop to find out!What you’ll learn:• What your prospects are already searching for online so that they find YOUR business• How to creat…

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