Saving Space a Second Time – Higher Hangers 2.0

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Saving Space a Second Time – Higher Hangers 2.0

Saving Space a Second Time – Higher Hangers 2.0

Higher Hangers launched on Kickstarter in June 2016 with a lot of success.  They raised about $140,000 with their first run of space-saving, closet-organizing Higher Hangers.

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We worked with Drew Cleaver, the founder and CEO of Higher Hangers, because the idea for this new hanger hit home with me.  I love anything that maximizes the use of space.  Even the empty 3 1/2 inches inside interior walls bugs me to the point that I often have to cut shelving into walls just to calm this bit of spatial OCD.

So when I saw Higher Hangers, I was an immediate fan.

We made the videos for the first Kickstarter and a year later, we worked with Higher Hangers again.  This time we focused on a video that was more focused on the data behind the space-saving aspects.

I’ll risk being sexist by saying that the first video was directed toward women.  It starred a woman (my wife, Rebecca Abraxas)

Rebecca Abraxas on Set of Higher Hangers

looking for her other Red Sole Shoe (we used an imitation Red Sole: )

and had to fight her disorganized closet to get it.   It went over well, but what Drew found was that though women like hangers, it is the male demographic that are most attracted to the space-saving quality.

So, we created a new video for the new Higher Hangers product, directed more to men with the emphasis on the geometric data.  Of course, this isn’t to say that women don’t care about these numbers.  In marketing, you research statistics and data from all your efforts.  It’s never a black and white thing.

Introducing Higher Hangers 2.0

Our new video has elegant animations that I love.  They all help drive attention to how the hangers work to not only be an improved hanger for your clothes but also raise the clothes higher which improves your closet too.

All NEW Higher Hangers 2.0 from New Focus Films on Vimeo.

The campaign is happening now.  As of this post, it has more than doubled it’s goal, but I won’t be surprised if it goes far beyond this in it’s last week stretch.

If you want to get in on the early-bird deals of the new Higher Hangers at below MSRP, go here now: Higher Hangers 2.0

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