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Unlike opinions of you personally, opinions of your business are worth a damn.
When we view your business through the eyes of a possible peer (really, anyone who doesn’t work for you or is not in your family), we are far more likely to group with their opinions.
Forget about why this is so, for now. Just know that it is so and know that you can make use of it.  A testimonial is a powerful tool, and a video testimonial is pure gold.
We make use of testimonials in our videos to address a business’ common objections.  If your business has objections like “costs too much” or “takes too much time” or whatever it is, these things can be alleviated by a sincere testimonial of a person sharing their experience.
We steer their statements through our conversation, but don’t put words in their mouths.  We have a  conversation and listen for specific key words and emotions.

How Can You Use Video Testimonials?

Recently, my friend, Mary Iannotti of Digital Marketing Deva, wrote a great article about building Social Proof through the power of Testimonials.  At the same time of her article, we were testing interest in Video Testimonials with a limited-time special (providing up to 3 Video Testimonials at no additional cost).
Mary’s article can be read here: Social Proof for More Website Leads.
While Testimonials can be implemented many places, a Video Testimonial is a bit more limited in terms of placement, but much more impactful when viewed.
The best place for a Video Testimonial is a page within your website where we can read other customer praises and then watch some too!  Every webpage that showcases video, there is extended time on that page, creating a stronger proof for Google to rank your page for niche-keywords.
Additionally, your Video Testimonials can and should be posted on every social network site you participate in.
Adding a Video Testimonial as a Sticky Post in your Facebook page or Google Plus can be very effective – especially when the video is done well.

What Makes A Great Video Testimonial?

A great Video Testimonial has high quality visual and audio.  More importantly, it conveys the sincerity of the person speaking.  The sincerity, however, does not come off well without great quality.  A video where the person speaking can not be heard well or his or her head is lost in a badly composed shot, it’s unlikely that we (your audience) will waste much time watching.

Our Video Testimonials echo your promotional video with the same (or similar) production quality.  The music, the look, the feel – it all maintains a consistency of the professionalism that your brand holds up.
While most customer testimonials should not be edited or can’t be presented in the best light possible, a Video Testimonial can.  And, it doesn’t lose any authenticity.  In fact, it holds even more weight.

How To Get A Video Testimonial

Through the end of the year (2015), when hiring New Focus Films to create your promotional video, we will incorporate 2-3 customer/client testimonials in the video and then create separate Video Testimonials at no additional charge.
When you’re ready to show off what others love about your business, contact us.
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~ Matt Abraxas
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