Whichever crowdfunding platform you choose, the first thing you must take into account is that the platforms are not your sole method of traffic. Don’t rely on any crowdfunding website to do the work for you. So, if you don’t have a website and some social media going already, get it going NOW!
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You’ve heard of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but what about the 2000+ other Crowdfunding Websites to choose from?

Here is the Big List of Crowdfunding Websites by Category to help you make the best choice from to get your funding on your next campaign.
With so many options, it’s debilitating to even start.  Most of us just go with Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but depending on what you’re raising funds for, there are specific crowdfunding platforms out there that may be perfect for you.
Kickstarter is the elephant in the room, no doubt.  It’s so ubiquitous that the name is synonymous with “crowdfunding”, like Google is with “searching,” but Kickstarter is not the end-all.   To help you choose, we’ve categorized the long list by industry and project type.
The Categories are as follows:
  • Crowdfunding Websites for Startups and Small Business
  • Crowdfunding Websites for Tech and Science
  • Crowdfunding Websites for Creative Work (Musicians, Filmmakers, Artists, etc.)
  • Crowdfunding Websites for Non-Profits & Charitable Causes
  • Crowdfunding Websites for Real Estate Investment

Whichever crowdfunding platform you choose, the first thing you must take into account is that the platforms are not your sole method of traffic.  Don’t rely on any crowdfunding website to do the work for you.  So, if you don’t have a website and some social media going already, get it going NOW!

As Clay Hebert advises frequently, build your tribe as soon as you can.  They are the foundation that will contribute either monetarily or through shares.  Pick a social network or a few that you feel comfortable with, and start engaging.
Also, once you have your crowdfunding platform selected, support some of the campaigns there.  Get to know your fellow crowdfunders through your support, even it’s only through sharing their campaigns.  What goes around, comes around, so build that good karma now.
Crowdfunding for Startups & Small Business
Crowdfunded – Equity crowdfunding for sourcing and funding high-growth ventures with a network of over 130,000 entrepreneurs and investors.
SeedInvest – Startup investing through equity crowdfunding, connecting venture capital, angel investors and accredited investors to new business.
SeedUps – Matching startups with investor seed capital.
StartUpValley – Equity crowdfunding for tech startups.
EquityNet – Equity-based investment platform that has already raised over $200 Million for small businesses.
CircleUp – Early stage investments for innovative product and retail companies.
AlphaFlow – Peer-to-peer investing.
CrowdFunder – Crowdsourcing Venture Capital
Fundable – The largest business crowdfunding platform focused on raising capital for companies.
CrowdCube – UK business only – Europe’s largest network of angel investors for British businesses.
Celery – Pre-Order crowdfunding platform focusing on innovative products.
Rocket Hub – Not just a crowdfunding platform but also a member service that offers greater exposer for your campaign.  You choose “FuelPad” for just crowdfunding, or “LaunchPad” for accelerated opportunity.
Head Talker – Formerly HeadFunder.com, Head Talker is a crowdfunding platform for viral messaging.
Angel List – StartUps in the U.S. or the U.K. seeking investment help from Angel syndicates.
Micro Ventures – Mostly focused on startups in the tech, mobile, entertainment, social or gaming industries.
UpStart  – Crowdfunded investments based on education and experience with minimum $10K funding.
Plum Alley – Crowdfunding for women entrepreneurs.
Jump Start Fund – Connecting startups with investors and offering idea collaboration.
Dragon Innovation – Crowdfunding for hardware entrepreneurs.
WeFunder – Low entry of $100 investments for startups.
Crowdfunding for Tech and Science
Experiment – Online platform for funding and sharing scientific discoveries.
ADHD Fund – Crowdfunding for ADHD research.
Angel MD – Equity-based crowdfunding for medical startups.
BeneFunder – Connecting researchers and philanthropists, solving some of the biggest problems facing the world today.
BaMedFunder – Connecting investors and donors with medical device inventors.
Capital Cell – Europe’s first biotech equity crowdfunding platform.
The Common Good – Bringing medical research to life through crowdfunding.
Consano – Medical research support through crowdfunding.
Dig Ventures – Archeology projects through crowdfunded donations.
Donors Cure – Biomedical research funded through crowdsourcing.
Endeavorist – Advancing human knowledge through crowd-funded research.
Fiat Physica – Crowdfunding devoted to the advancement of physics, astronomy and space exploration.
Fut Sci – Crowdfunding for innovation, technology and life sciences.
Health Fundr – Large network of funding and experts for investors to build an investment portfolio in transformational healthcare research.
Healthier Xchange – Transforming the global healthcare market through investors, growth companies and strategic partnerships.
Instrumentl – Not quite crowdfunding, but a platform for matching grants to research projects.
Med Startr – “Changing healthcare one awesome innovation at a time.”
Life Span IO – Crowdfunding the cure for aging.
My Pharma Company – Focus on healthcare products close to market launch.
Rare Genomics – Crowdfunding for supporting patient-specific research.
Research Funder NI – Crowdfunding platform for early stage research projects on various forms of cancer.
Startnext – Science research crowdfunding, in German.
ScienceVest – Investment crowdfunding in innovative life science and frontier-tech startups.
Sound Affects – Partnering with independent music artists to raise awareness and funds.
Spring Board Equity – Uniting healthcare innovation with passionate investors.
Thinkable – Showcase of ideas to attract collaborators and funders.
Walacea – Supporting the democracy of science by crowdfunding research.
Crowdfunding for Creatives
Zivity – Niche site of artistic nude, glamour and pin-up photography and the chance to support the content creators through contribution.
Patreon – Helping artists make a living.
Slated – A crowdfunding community for filmmakers.
Pledge Music – Direct-to-fan music funded through supporters.
Sell A Band – Helping musicians raise funds to create an album.
Seed and Spark – Helping filmmakers fund their creative projects through a well-resourced crowdfunding platform.
Playmoss – Connect with a community of music lovers and support your favorite musicians.
Sound Cloud – Support a wide range of musicians who post their music.
Artist Share – Connecting artists with their fans through sharing the creative process and funding their projects.
Pozible – Australia-based crowdfunding, but marketed worldwide, making financial resources available as they are made.
PlumFund – Like many platforms here, this one actually covers several fund-raising niches, but this one even more so.  It actually focuses on newly weds and baby showers, but it’s also great for broke artists who want to inspire a gift-giving nature from their community.
Hatch Fund – Helping artists showcase their work and attract donations.
Crowdfunding for Non-Profits & Charitable Causes
Hand Up – Directly focused on fighting poverty.
Give Forward – Variety of humanitarian causes.
Tilt – Like many crowd-fund platforms listed here, Tilt works with a variety of niches, but the non-profit aspect is where they shine the brightest: no fees and you collect money as you go!
Funnily – Clean design and easy user interface.  Works with individuals and non-profits alike.
Waste – Funding healthcare for people around the world.
Rally – Social fundraising platform with proprietary payment system.
Fund Raise – Crowd-sourced fundraising for social causes.
Piggy BackR – Crowdfunding for students and youth teams to fundraise for their schools.
People’s Republic – Fundraising that helps empower communities.
Fundrazr – While they are actually a general crowdfunding platform mostly marketed to non, they are great for small businesses with a
Razoo – Individual and Charity fundraising, but Razoo also has the Razoo Foundation, which is especially beneficial to non-profit crowdfunding.
Crowd Rise – World’s #1 fundraising site for charitable and personal causes.
You Caring – Compassionate crowdfunding for a variety of humanitarian causes.
Colorado Gives – Organizing Colorado-based non-profits for charitable contributions.
Crowdfunding for Real Estate Investment
Zeus Real Estate – Possibly the fastest loan process through crowdfunding
Real Crowd – Exclusive real estate investment opportunities through relationship building.
Realty Shares – $5K+ investments with 8-20% returns with low investment fees.
Realty Mogul – Real estate crowdfunding marketplace with $5K minimum investment.
Fund Rise – $1,000 minimum investments available to anyone.
Peer Street – Residential debt investment with $1,000 minimum.
Acquire Real Estate – Core and core plus investments with co-funding on every deal.
Lending Home – Specializing in residential debt.  They have a backing of $110M in VC funding.
Roof Stock – One of the lowest industry fees of 0.5%, specializing in residential real estate equity.
Patch Of Land – Short term debt investment.
Fund That Flip – Residential real estate debt with loans at or below 65% ARV (After Repair Value).
1031 Crowdfunding – Commercial real estate equity investments qualifying for 1031 exchanges.
City Funders – New York City real estate equity and debt investments.
Early Shares – Residential and commercial real estate investments, including direct investments.
Equity Multiple – Co-investment in commercial real estate and debt.
Diverse Fund – Real estate debt with bankruptcy protection.
Crowd Flipr – Commercial equity and debt with both direct investments and funds.
Ground Breaker – Wide variety of real estate investment opportunities.
Prodigy Network – Specializing in N.Y. city real estate investments.
Full Capital Stack – Variety of investments and fairly easy to participate.
Carlton Crowdfund – Commercial real estate investing with no fees for investors.
Share States – Low entry of $1K for commercial and residential real estate investments.
Triple Net Zero Debt -Low risk (and low return) investments of real estate with tenants and without debt.
Money 360 – Secured investments for accredited investors.
Crowd Fund.co – Equity, debt and real estate crowdfunding.
Crowd Lords – UK based equity real estate crowdfunding.
Crowd Venture – Equity crowdfunding marketed to both investors and borrowers.
Macro Crowd – $5K entry for preferred equity investments that promise the investor “preferred” profits.
Have we missed any?  This is, of course, only 100 crowdfunding platforms out of more than 2000, but if you think there’s one that needs to be included, please comment below.
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