Video Marketing Statistics for 2016

//Video Marketing Statistics for 2016

Video Marketing Statistics for 2016

Video Marketing Statistics for 2016

Are you considering to have a video made for your business?  Maybe trying to convince your boss that it’s high time to make the investment?

Here’s a list of some startlingly convincing statistics that will put any argument to rest.  The last one is especially important.

• Social Video generates 1200% MORE shares than text and images combined!

• Companies using Video enjoy 41% MORE web traffic from search than non-users!

• 62% of consumers are more likely to have a NEGATIVE perception of a brand that published a poor quality Video.


15 Online Video Statistics - New Focus Films

There’s no better content in most situations than video.  It incorporates imagery and sound, and has the ability to tell a story in a short time without requiring any work on the part of the viewer.

As far as content marketing, nothing is better than video!

While the stats are spread over a wide variety of the type of video content, the important information is still there: video works.

This comes to the next important question though: what type of video marketing do you choose? Video marketing statistics don’t easily point out the importance of quality.  They may say that “bad video” isn’t preferred, but who’s to say what “bad video” really is?

To see the results that video promises, it’s most important to first know who is watching.  Who are you telling the story to is more important than the story itself – at first.

Just as you wouldn’t build a website and then never do anything with it (or maybe that’s exactly what you’ve done), don’t invest in a video and then just assume it’ll do all the work for you.  The video needs traffic in order to do it’s job.

So, how you get the traffic?  How do you see some these big, exciting numbers to have your own video marketing statistics to show off?

It starts with a little market research.  Here at New Focus Films, we begin every video with considering first who will see the video and what do they want to see?  What are their problems and how is your service/product a solution?

Next, we craft the video.  This is an in-depth process not unlike the making of a movie, just smaller.  It goes from concept and scripting into preparing you or the talent for being on camera, and then into full filming production.

With your video complete, it’s time to make it work.  Getting traffic to your video begins with SEO techniques so that your video comes up in search results.  Depending on your budget, the marketing phase can go much, much deeper.  But even on a small budget, there’s something to work with.

To learn more about the possibilities, contact Matt Abraxas at New Focus Films.

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