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It’s not enough to say we’re “Story-Tellers,”

First we have to know whom we’re telling your story to.


As filmmakers, we tell stories in creative ways.  As marketers, we narrow down to a select audience.


video production company advertising producer coloradoNew Focus Films is a Colorado-based video marketing and video production company.  We work with clients all over the globe creating online commercial, crowdfunding, social media and documentary series content.

Our work is about helping your brand stand out with creative video strategies.  From demographic-targeted pre-roll advertising to a full documentary series that entertains, informs and promotes your business, we are passionate about new ideas, new technology and the age-old skill of telling a captivating story.

I began this business with a passion for both filmmaking and commercial storytelling.  Marketing is a fascinating adventure, requiring skills in story-telling strategies and being constantly flexible with the ever-changing digital landscape.

~Matt Abraxas

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When you speak with New Focus Films about your needs of video production, our first aim is to discover if we’re a good fit.  A good fit will be determined by what you’re promoting, your willingness to explore new ideas and, of course, our schedule.

To get this started, send an email here.

Start with letting us know about your business or idea. Send us any necessary links to websites, crowdfunding campaigns or social network pages that help us get a clear idea of what you’re doing.
Also, send us a link to a video or two that you really like.

Once we’ve determined that we’re a good fit, it’s time for brainstorming.

This is a 30 minute creative consultation with Matt Abraxas, the founder of New Focus Films.  During this time, you can share more ideas you have and Matt will offer his own insights into what may be effective with your target demographic.

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From this point, it’s a matter of working together or not.  And this comes down to cost.  What does it cost for a video production?

We charge for time, talent and expertise.  If your video requires only a one-man crew and limited editing time, it won’t cost as much.
If your video demands a crew of 20 skilled people, multiple locations and many hours of editing, the cost will reflect that.

What’s important to understand is that the quality of your video will represent the quality of your business.   Fortunately, we can create exceptional quality on a variety of budgets, as long as we can be creative with the process.  And if your budget is tight, there are other ways to structure payment and we will work with you to find a solution.


New Focus Films TEAM

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