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  • Strong Audience Connection through Research

  • Multi-Purpose Videos for Social Media and Advertising

  • Assistance in Targeted Advertising

  • Videos that Cut through the Noise!

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Founder Message Equity Crowdfunding

Product Commercial Crowdfunding Video

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Audience Connection

Successful Crowdfunding depends on your product or service connecting with the crowd. Our videos make that connection.

Reach Your Customer

Every video we create begins with research into your target demographic.  Video is not just about telling a story, but knowing whom we’re telling the story to.

Creative Approach

With MILLIONS of crowdfunding campaigns out now, it's crucial to stand out in the online crowd.

Stand Out

We focus on videos that grab attention quickly and hold on to it, making new fans and supporters from the first video view.

Funding Success

Most campaigns don't succeed. We've helped raise millions and can help you too.

Reach Your Goal

Less than a third of crowdfunding campaigns reach their goals, but for us, 85% of our clients have successfully funded.  Some have even funded over 3000%!