If you're on camera, remember to dress in a way that conveys the message you need to get across. Watch Rebecca's video to learn more.
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You’ve got a smartphone, right?  You can make your own videos – no problem!
However, if this video is meant to represent your business, what level of professionalism do you want the world to associate with your company?  Because your video will be a billboard for your business, how seriously will you take the video production?
What is the real difference in having a professional handle your video production?


A great video does not come down to whether or not your camera has image-stabilization.  It comes down to knowing what you’re doing.  Just a few examples:
  • Composing your shot for subconscious attention-engagement. 
  • Lighting the shot for consistency and best overall look.
  • Getting the best audio recording.
  • Helping the person on camera feel at ease and look their best.
  • Filming with editing in mind – knowing how it’s all going to come together in the end.
  • Knowing what’s going to work and what’s not.
new focus films video marketing startup corporate crowdfunding product video colorado productionThese skills come from experience.  They are learned because those who make videography and filmmaking their profession love this work.  They eat, sleep, breathe.
Do you spend your spare time studying commercials, movies, tv, etc? Skills can be taught, but talent comes from the earnest desire to improve.  A video that represents your business, and in many cases will be the only part of your business people will ever see, should not be made like a pastime hobby.
There’s nothing compared to the experience that comes with testing, learning, toiling to improve and bringing all of that sweat, blood and tears to the perfection of your professional video.



You may have a nice-enough camera that captures great footage of your family vacation, but is this piece of equipment an extension of your brain?  That is what happens with a professional, passionate filmmaker at the helm of your business video.

The price tag of equipment makes no difference.  If it’s a matter of shooting a great video on an iPhone, that can be done, however, it certainly does help when the equipment is a higher-end product, as long as it’s in the hands of someone who truly knows how to use it.
One of the most often overlooked piece of equipment isn’t even a camera, it’s the audio gear.  Sound is the subconscious crux of every video, and if the sound is off, the video does not work.


So, what is a bad video?  It’s not hard to find, really.  Most videos on YouTube are not a business video, but as a video blog (or vlog), they’re just fine.
To create a promotional video that stands out as your business salesforce, what matters most is capturing attention and maintaining it.
In the following video, while the shot is nice enough, the video drags on and gets dull very quickly.  At only a 1 minute, 41 seconds, it seems too short to lose any attention, but it does just that.
This video was shot and edited on a budget.  The editing is through an inexpensive program that comes standard on most Apple computers and the video is done without audio gear, most likely.  The lighting is nice as is the composition, but if this video had some extra footage (b-roll), it would make it infinitely more entertaining.
Searching the same term on YouTube that brought up the previous video, we are also presented the following video.  The term is “Functional Medicine Lafayette” if you want to check for yourself.
This video is made with the audience in mind.  It was crafted in order to connect with those who would be looking for a new functional medicine provider in their area instead of boring people with long-winded, self-promoting explanations.
Do you agree?
If so, let me know, and please share this post.  If not, tell me why.
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