Video production is still a fairly new industry, especially for online distribution, so there isn't really a set cost of services yet. This means that different companies may offer videos at a very different prices.
Hiring a video production company can suck! It’s a big investment and you have to deal with creative people who are excited to get paid for playing with their camera gear.  Like any big-ticket B2B service, getting videos for your business can feel like a risk. With such a substantial investment, I want to offer 3 tips on how to feel more secure when you hire a video production company.
To be fair, I do run my own video production company and anything I say could just sound like a sales pitch to hire us, but as you’ll see, these tips could possibly rule out New Focus Films as one of your top choices. It all comes down to following these 3 tips and then deducing your selections to the best fit for you.
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1. Look at Their Most Recent Work

A production company will usually post their best-looking stuff. Normally, you’ll see tidbits of these in their demo reel as well. However, it really helps to see what they’ve done in the last 3-6 months.
The reason for this is that it will show you the current state of quality that the company is working in. It’s possible that the production company is taking on too much work right now and the quality of their work is sacrificed. It’s also possible that they’re not really working in your niche of industry.
If you don’t see recent work on their website, simply ask for it. You can also look them up on Vimeo. Almost every production company has an active profile on Vimeo, even more so than YouTube. And check out their social media platforms, particularly Instagram. Along with showing you their recent work, this will give you perspective on their company culture.
When you look at this recent work, you’re looking for a quality that excites you. It’s not just the cinematic visuals but also the messaging of each video. If you’re hiring a production company to create branded videos, for example, these need to have a clear marketing message that aligns with your own marketing goals.
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2. Get Multiple Quotes

Video production is still a fairly new industry, especially for online distribution, so there isn’t really a set cost of services yet. This means that different companies may offer videos at a very different prices.
Video costs range all over the map, as well as their quality. For most companies that have a few years experience, the range in cost will be more narrowed and focused. 
And then there’s their comprehension of your goals. This refers again to what I was saying before about understanding your marketing message. If your video is an internal training video, for example, it helps if the company has done this before and can deliver a clear proposal on how to get the work done. Out of half a dozen quotes, you should be able to narrow down to 2 or 3 proposals that fit your highest priorities of criteria: probably price, location, availability and goal comprehension.
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3. You Get What You Pay For

Last of all is the price. Someone might offer to create your promotional video for only $500 and if you haven’t hired a production company before, this may seem like a fair price. When another company says it will cost $50,000, you might think it’s completely insane.
In almost every case, with the company charging you that uncomfortably big ticket price, the job will be handled with experience and the final product will be just what you need. The cheapest company, however, may have the best intentions but lack the experience. This usually results in poor communication, unmet deadlines and a low-quality final product.
Just remember that these videos represent the quality of your business, so unless your business is just about the cheapest deal (which is fine), don’t skimp when it comes to hiring a video production company.
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